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Futaba GYA352 is a two-Axis AVCS airplane gyro, suitable for 2 control surfaces such as elevator and rudder control. This gyro, when used on the elevator and rudder control, can ease the workload of flying 3D and many hovering maneuvers.

AVCS or Angular Velocity Control System is equivalent to 'heading hold', except that it utilises a gyro sensor that's more accurate and less susceptible to vibration than conventional gyros. It continually sends control signals to the servo, even when the axis is not moving, for extremely low temperature drift and more positive control for hovering and flying in crosswinds. On this gyro, you can switch AVCS on or off when assigned to an auxillary switch.

Dimensions: 43x30x35.5mm
Weight: 49.5g

Futaba GYA352 Gyro

Referência : GYA352-004

Fornecedor: FUTABA

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